Hinged ROM Hyperextension & Flexion Knee Immobilizer Brace (L1833)


The Hyperextension Knee Brace is designed by medical practitioners to fully immobilize, support and control your knee's  Range of Motion (ROM) with 12 Flexion  stops ( 0°, 120°) and 10 Adjustable Extension Positions (0°, 90°). That's more extension and flexion stops than regular knee braces in the market. This ensures you get the best Post - Operative Knee Rehabilitation support needed.

Comes with 2 extra knee condyle pads to ensure maximum knee comfort and with an extra adjustable strap to accommodate up to 5XL thigh circumference. Also, there is an extra non-slip silicone pad to ensure the knee brace stays in a firm position. 

No extra tools needed for adjustment and fits both left and right leg.

Perfect for / Indication:

  •  ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL repairs/injuries

  • Meniscal repairs

  • Tibial plateau fractures

  • Patella tendon repairs

  • Osteochondral repairs &  Condylar fractures

  • Sprains/strains of the knee

  • HTOs (High Tibial Osteotomy)


  • Protected & controlled Range-of-Motion(ROM) 

  • Knee Immobilization 

  • Post - Op Rehab Knee Support & Comfort

  • Reduce knee Pain/ inflammation

  • Control and limit knee flexion and extension

  • Improves Mobility and Movement 

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