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OA Unloader Medial or Lateral Offloading knee Brace. (L1851/L1843) - Comfyorthopedic
OA Unloader Knee Brace Support Lateral/Medial. Black with Built-in Hex Key (L1851/L1843) - Comfyorthopedic
Double Upright OA Unloader Medial or Lateral Offloading knee Brace. (L1852/L1845) - Comfyorthopedic

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The Jewett back brace supports your thoracic and lumbar spine by preventing twisting and flexion.

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Cut the extra added costs by middlemen like resellers and practitioners who purchase our products and sell them to you.

FDA Cleared Braces

All our braces are cleared under Category I medical devices. This certification ensures our braces are of the utmost quality.

Drug-Free & Non- Invasive. 

Experience a drug-free solution to relieving your pain. Live better without relying on over-the-counter or prescription drugs.

Immediate Pain Relief Solution.

8/10 of our brace users say they felt immediate relief and less pain in the first 24hrs of using our braces.

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Our products have been evaluated and certified under ISO 13485:20165. Therefore, all products sold by Comfyorthopedic hold the CE certification, which ensures docility of safety, wellness, and environmentally friendly models for all the products made and sold in European regions. Our products are also certified and cleared by FDA, The Food and Drug Administration of the United States Department of Health and Human Services under Category I medical devices. These certifications ensure healthcare products and braces are of the utmost quality. At Comfyorthopedic we hold our customer expectations at the highest standard by providing only premium quality products.

Driven By Our Mission

Since 2016 comfyorthopedic has specialized in designing and providing healthcare products to rehabilitation patients, healthcare providers, and the general public. With our vast knowledge and experience in the healthcare medical field, we strive to provide affordably, and high-quality FDA cleared products. Our mission is to improve people's lifestyles to be who they indeed are and reveal their true potential to achieve greatness and to live a more active life that is productive, fun, and meaningful.  
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