TLSO Thoracic Full Back Brace for Kyphosis, Osteoporosis & Spine Fractures

  • Provides stable support for the lumbar-sacral and abdomen: thoracolumbar spine

  • It helps you recover from a midback or lower back injuryelps you recover from a midback or lower back injury

  • Maintains spinal alignment & stabilize the injured area

  • Provides motion restriction throughout the healing process.

  • Prevents forward flexion of the thoracic and thoracolumbar spine.

  • Improved posture and overall self-esteem

"Best thoracic compression fracture support brace"

"I got into a car accident, and this has helped me so much in supporting my spine. I love the cushioning as it has enough to make it comfortable on my chest and does not dig in my skin like other TLSO braces that I have tried "

Description of TLSO Thoracolumbar Brace:

 TLSO Back Brace offers patients support and stabilization of the thoracolumbar spine from the top of the sacrum (S1 vertebra) just above the tailbone through the lumbar (lower) spine to the top of the thoracic spine (T2 vertebrae) just below the neck. Comfyorthopedic TLSO brace provides a versatile system that accommodates appropriate motion restriction throughout the healing process. 

The design helps inhibit unwanted torso rotation, flexion, extension, and lateral movement. In addition, it features an ergonomic and anatomic-designed rear thoracolumbar section for maximum support. 

The two front adjustable-height chest pads support extension or hyperextension of the torso. TLSO back brace interior is soft and breathable with hypoallergenic foam lining. In addition, the removable self-adhesive belts mechanism helps gradually increase the trunk's compression and stabilization. 

The three shoulder strap configurations "Y" and height adjustment technology accommodate all body styles for a more comfortable fit.

 Comfortably fits waist sizes 26-60 inches and adjustable thoracic height of 13-21 inches, perfect for all body styles and measurements.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L0464

Who Needs This TLSO Back Brace Support?

how Heated Decompression Back Belt & Portable Lumbar Traction Device with Heating Pad works to relieve pain and pressure off the back discs

This TLSO Back Brace is Perfect for:

  • Kyphosis secondary to osteoporosis

  • Thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis

  • Thoracolumbar vertebral fracture & displacement

  • Low Back Sprains/Strains & Low Back Pain

  • Spinal Stenosis & Spinal compression fractures

  • Lumbar Disc Displacement & Disc Herniation/  Degneration

  • Pre and post-surgical protocols; Post-Operative Discectomy & Post-Operative Laminectomy

Benefits of Using Comfyorthopedic TLSO Thoracolumbar Brace:

Helps stabilize & support the thoracolumbar spine


Offers Maximum motion restriction 


 Increased compression of the trunk to control and relieve back acute pain


comfyorthopedic oa unloader medial and lateral knee braces


Maintains spinal alignment


Improved Posture


Improved recovery after and during rehabilitation

Medical Studies Prove TLSO Braces Improves Spinal Correction.

"..Kyphosis is defined as a deformity of the upper spine causing an exaggerated (more than 50°) outward curve. Technically this condition is known as hyper kyphosis, though it is commonly referred to as simply kyphosis. Our Kyphosis brace corrects this condition.

Studies have shown there is a natural range of these front-to-back and back-to-front curves. If either of these curves begin to fall out of the natural range, orthotic management may be considered. The most common condition is referred to as hyperkyphosis, meaning the upper outward sway is larger than it should be"

"...TLSO braces can be effective at straightening a kyphosis-affected spine and preventing further curvature and related problems. A study of bracing with a specially designed Kyphologic® brace has shown average in-brace corrections of greater than 15° when wearing it.'"


“With old age, my slouching became worse, this was affecting my self-esteem, but after the Dr. recommendation, I have seen great improvement ..”

John D,

Father of three & Grandfather of four

“I recommend this to patients with thoracic issues because it functions very well, sturdy, and well made.”

Jordy M, MD

Certified Orthopedic Surgeon & Dog mom

“Needed a brace for post-op rehab for a spinal fracture I got when playing football for mobilization of the spine, and this was perfect.”


Uncle & Now Football Coach

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Why Comfyorthopedic?

Direct Retailer

Cut the extra added costs by middlemen like resellers and practitioners who purchase our products and sell them to you.

FDA Cleared Braces

All our braces are cleared under Category I medical devices. This certification ensures our braces are of the utmost quality.

Drug-Free & Non- Invasive. 

Experience a drug-free solution to relieving your pain. Live better without relying on over-the-counter or prescription drugs.

Immediate Pain Relief Solution.

8/10 of our brace users say they felt immediate relief and less pain in the first 24hrs of using our braces.

 Breathable Material with Chest and back Cushonings

FDA Category 1 Medically Cleared Brace.

Adjustable Shoulder Pads & Lenght.

Features of TLSO Thoracic Full Back Brace 

Get Your TLSO Thoracolumbar Brace Support Now.

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 How do you wash the brace?

Most braces come with a set of cleaning instructions that you should follow. For most of them, a mild soap or laundry detergent and cold water will do the trick. Allow the brace to air-dry; in most cases, it shouldn't go in the clothes dryer.

How long do you wear back brace after surgery?

Know how to apply your brace before leaving the hospital. Wear your brace all the time—even during sleep—unless otherwise instructed by the surgeon. You will wear the brace until your spine has healed or fused, which may be as short as 4 weeks or as long as 4 to 6 months

Does this come with Instructions to use ?

Yes, however, we strongly encourage you to visit your medical practitioner or health care provider, who will adjust it to SUIT your medical needs to maximize the brace's effectiveness. The instructions are broad and might not apply to your current condition.

Can I wear it with my jeans?

Each condition is different and varies. Please, consult with your care provider to get the proper recommendations

I have big belly / I am a bigger person, will this fit?

We have designed the TLSO brace to be a one size fits most adults. It is easily adjustable by the straps 

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