Telescopic Hinged Immobilizer Brace for Knee Hyperextension / Flexion & Post Op Rehab.

  • Control and limit knee flexion and extension

  • Rigid outter shell to immobilize the knee

  • Can be worn on either left or right leg

  • Fits up to 36" thigh circumference 

  • Adjustable Length to 20" - 27"

  • FDA Category 1 Medically Cleared Brace.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

" the support from this knee brace is unbeatable"

"After my surgery, I needed a brace that would control my knee extension and flexion and offer maximum support. This knee brace played a huge role in smoothing out the recovery process with its many adjustable functions" I recommend it"

Description of Comfyorthopedic Hinged TROM Immobilizer Knee Brace

Comfyorthopedic telescopic hinged Knee brace offers unmatched full leg support and knee immobilization. In addition, it provides a controlled range of motion (ROM) limitation on knee flexion and extension. 

Our braces offer excellent knee & full leg support for patients recovering from knee surgery (post-operative knee rehabilitation). And for those who have knee injuries or instabilities, reducing knee pain and helping in recovery.

The controlled Range of Motion (ROM) has 12 Flexion Positions ( 0°, 120°) and 10 Extension Positions 0°, 90°). This design helps to limit and prevent hyperextension and flexion of the knee.

The brace has an adjustable 20" - 27" length design to accommodate different heights and leg lengths. In addition, it has four straps, 2 for the thigh support and 2 for calf support, ensuring a snug fit on your leg. It's also built with a medical-grade shell making our brace lighter than most hinged hyperextension knee braces in the market.



Who Needs This Hinged ROM Immobilizer Knee Brace Support?

how Heated Decompression Back Belt & Portable Lumbar Traction Device with Heating Pad works to relieve pain and pressure off the back discs

This Knee Brace is Perfect for:

  • Post Knee Surgeries & Fractures Recovery

  • ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL repairs/injuries

  • Knee Support and Knee Immobilization

  • Patella tendon repairs & Realignment 

  • Meniscal repairs & Tibial plateau fractures

  • Osteochondral repairs & Condylar fractures

  • Sprains/strains of the knee

  • HTOs (High Tibial Osteotomy)

Benefits of Using Hinged Immobilizer Knee Brace Support.

Helps stabilize & support the Knee 


 Protected & controlled full knee Range-of-Motion(ROM) 


Knee Immobilization through controlled and limited knee flexion and extension 


comfyorthopedic oa unloader medial and lateral knee braces


Post - Op Rehab Knee Support & Comfort


 Reduce knee Pain/ inflammation


Improves Mobility and Movement 

Medical Studies Prove Hinged Immobilizer Braces Improves Lifestyle & Recovery.

"...Functional knee braces deserve consideration as a component of the treatment and rehabilitation for ligamentous knee instability. They offer some control of external knee rotation and anteroposterior joint translation. Functional knee braces are also useful adjuncts to muscular rehabilitation for graft protection following ACL reconstruction.."

"...functional knee brace designs can assist in improving patient outcomes by providing superior protection of the knee joint after injury or surgery with the use of dynamic mechanisms adding superior protective forces..." 

"...New ambulating extension deficit/flexion contracture rehabilitative functional bracing offers an alternative to night-time LLPS contracture bracing to reverse postoperative extension deficits/flexion contractures"

"...  These innovative products are excellent adjunct therapies for patients participating in physical therapy to accelerate recovery and to improve overall treatment outcomes..."

 Wojtys EM, Kothari SU, Huston LJ. Anterior cruciate ligament functional brace use in sports. Am J Sports Med. 1996;24:539–46

What our customers say.

Features of Hyperextension Knee Brace Support

  • Adjustable ROM hinge Extension/ Flexion design

  • Length Adjustment Design - For Tall /  Short People

  • Accommodates both Right and Left leg

  • Breathable mesh padding

  • Easy Adjustable Straps

  •  Lightweight and superior fit  

Get Your Telescopic Hinged Immobilizer Knee Brace Support Now

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Will this help with my extension and flexion

Yes definitely it will. The brace has an easy adjustable dial mechanism that helps limits the extension/ Flexion of the knee

Does this come with Instructions to use ?

Yes, However we strongly encourage you to visit your medical practitioner or health care provider who will adjust it to SUIT you medical needs to maximize the effectiveness of the brace. The instructions are broad and might not apply to your current need. 

Can I wear it with my jeans?

Yes, it is possible to wear it with your jeans or even on bare skin. Designed with Anti-slip silicon that ensures it stays in place

I have big thighs, can i this fit ?

Yes, the Knee brace is designed to fit the largest thigh circumference up to 36" with the adjustable straps.

How do you lock the brace in place?

The brace chucks come with lock hooks both for the length extension and flexion extension

Max. Knee Support

Enjoy a better Knee stabilization and Support without experiencing pain and discomfort. Feel better and Achieve more.


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