Thumb & Wrist Brace Stabilizer Splint for BlackBerry Thumb.Arthritis & Tendonitis Pain Relief Support.


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Want to Immobilize or give support to your thumb and reduce the pain and discomfort?
Comfyorthopedic comfortable thumb support brace with removable thumb splint for extra support is ergonomically designed to provide joint and muscle support for men and women of all ages!
Ease your pain and make it easier for you to do your daily activities and even sleep better with no discomfort while wearing it at night.
This Thumb Splint & Wrist Brace Is Effectively Supported For:

✔Basal Thumb Arthritis/Ganglion Cysts
✔De Quervain's Tenosynovitis/ Tendonitis
✔Trigger Thumb
✔Ligament/Strains & Sprains
✔Postoperative/Injury Recovery
✔Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Why Our Thumb Spica Splint: 

  • ✅ Breathable Compression Fabric
  • ✅ Maintains Joint Stability. Has Removable Splint for extra needed Support.
  • ✅ Relief from Inflammation, Arthritis, & Tendonitis
  • ✅ Fully isolates and supports your thumb
  • ✅ Extra wrist support that reduces Carpal tunnel Discomfort too.
  • ✅ Comfortable and Secure Fit
  • ✅ Versatile to Wear for Daily Activity
  • ✅ Stays in Place on Your Hand and Thumb
  • ✅ New Flexible Thumb Support  Design 


  • Powerful Thumb Splint Brace-- The enhanced splint on the thumb provides strong support for the thumb, avoids repeated damage to the thumb joint, relieves thumb pain, and the strap on the thumb can adjust the tightness according to your needs.
  • Strong Wrist Support-- Our wrist brace are made of high strength Velcro elastic and adjustable enough to provide maximum support for your carpal tunnel to reduce pain and prevent re-injury of the wrist, for arthritis, carpal tunnel and wrist fractures
  • Relieves Pain and Inflammation-- Adjustable compression brace can effectively relieve swelling and inflammation caused by postoperative, sprain, strain, carpal tunnel, arthritis, tendonitis, while providing adjustable compression and maintenance of heat to improve Blood circulation and promote healing.
  • Comfortable Fabric--Soft and comfortable  fabric with breathable mesh, sweat resistant and comfortable. Premium materials let your hand and wrist Breath,keeping your hand cool and comfortable for extended wear, even while you sleep

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