Hinged ROM Hyperextension Flexion Knee Brace


The Hyperextension Knee Brace is designed by medical practitioners to fully immobilize, support and control your knee's  Range of Motion (ROM) with 12 Flexion  stops ( 0°, 120°) and 10 Adjustable Extension Positions (0°, 90°). That's more extension and flexion stops than regular knee braces in the market. This ensures you get the best Post - Operative Knee Rehabilitation support needed.

Comes with 2 extra knee condyle pads to ensure maximum knee comfort and with an extra adjustable strap to accommodate up to 5XL thigh circumference. Also, there is an extra non-slip silicone pad to ensure the knee brace stays in a firm position. 

No extra tools needed for adjustment and fits both left and right leg.

Perfect for / Indication:

  •  ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL repairs/injuries

  • Meniscal repairs

  • Tibial plateau fractures

  • Patella tendon repairs

  • Osteochondral repairs &  Condylar fractures

  • Sprains/strains of the knee

  • HTOs (High Tibial Osteotomy)


  • Protected & controlled Range-of-Motion(ROM) 

  • Knee Immobilization 

  • Post - Op Rehab Knee Support & Comfort

  • Reduce knee Pain/ inflammation

  • Control and limit knee flexion and extension

  • Improves Mobility and Movement 

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