Comfortable Adjustable Finger Splint & Finger Brace.


Paired with our ultra-comfortable fabric, the strong yet adjustable aluminum splint gives your finger multi-point support while immobilizing any of your finger joints. Isolating finger movements allows for your joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons to heal without further damaging them with unnecessary stress and movement. Its non-intrusive design will allow you to continue working with your hands, while still providing the support your finger needs.

  • ✅ Removable Splint
  • ✅ Perfect for any finger...even Pinky Finger
  • ✅ Use in Left or Right Hand
  • ✅ One Size Fits Most



    This full finger trigger splint is designed to be worn on any finger on either hand, reducing stiffness in the index, middle, ring or pinky finger. Fully adjustable and removable splint utilizes a strong fastener finger strap, a lower finger strap and a removable wrist strap. An integrated fabric D-ring allows the splint to be easily adjusted for the perfect fit, accommodating finger widths up to 3.5” and wrist circumferences up to 10”.


    Relieving stenosing tenosynovitis, or trigger finger, the finger splint brace leaves the remaining fingers and wrist unhindered allowing you to more easily complete everyday tasks. Providing optimal support for the affected finger, the splint reduces stiffness and preventing the finger joint from locking up or catching. Also useful for properly supporting fractures, sprains, post and pre-surgery.

    Designed to provide superior support !The splint features an integrated aluminum brace / metal finger splint straightener. The long, 6.25” aluminum brace immobilizes the affected finger joint to prevent tendon and the joint from bending to promote healing and reduce pain and discomfort.
    Constructed with a lightweight, breathable neoprene blend, the trigger finger splint is suitable for use throughout the day and night. The soft, comfort blend wicks away moisture and is lightly padded for all-day comfort.

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