OA Unloader Knee Brace with Built in Adjustment Key + Knee Suspension Sleeve

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  • Designed for reducing knee pain with our unique design and functionality that sets it apart from similar knee braces that promise proper knee unloading but just don't quit hit the mark. The Osteoarthritis Unloading knee Brace is made of an industrial grade plastic shell with neoprene wrapped breathable padding for ultra support and comfort. Available for both lateral and medial Osteoarthritis knee issues, The Osteoarthritis Unloading Knee Brace is a top seller for Osteoarthritis knee pain sufferers and One size fits Most. 

    This Knee Brace is Perfect for:

    • ✅ Rheumatoid arthritis  
    • ✅ Meniscal cartilage derangement
    • ✅ Mild to severe Osteoarthritis for uni-compartment OA patient
    • ✅ knee conditions requiring load reduction
    • ✅ Avascular Necrosis, or Tibial Plateau Fracture

    Benefits Of OA Knee Brace

    • ✅ Helps stabilize & support the Knee 
    • ✅ Unloading the pressure off the Knee Joint
    • ✅ Maximum Knee Support & Comfort
    • ✅Reduce knee Pain/ inflammation
    • ✅ Limits Side Movement of Joint
    • ✅ Improves Mobility and Movement 


    •  Valgus and varus adjustment to fit individual's alignment
    • 13- Angle Adjustment Blocks
    •   Screwdriver
    •   Angle Adjusting Hex Wrench
    •  Extra Knee Support Pad


    • SUPERIOR COMPLETE REHABILITATION for most knee injuries and prevents re-injury. Stabilizing care completely customized to your needs while recovering from surgery, ligament and tendon strains, patella realignment, ACL, MCL, PCL or LCL injury.
    • ADJUSTABLE Varus/ Valgus Correction allowing for tailoring to each knee. Complete control with the range of motion adjustable dial and extension and flexion sliders. Stabilizing the knee for a faster recovery and preventing re-injury.
    • NON-SLIP FABRIC allows for little adjustments during use and a superior fit. As close to a custom fit knee orthosis with the best grip and knee stabilizing care.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT BREATHABLE material for extended wear which makes it extremely easy to use with daily activities. Designed with your comfort in mind to minimize any skin irritation or sensivity.

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