Adjustable Compression Waist Lower Back Support Brace with Lumbar Pad for Back Pain

  • Reduce lower back stress & strain 

  • Improve Posture 

  • Superior Lumbar Back Support

  • Allows full range of motion while supporting lower back

  • Boost Controlled Movement with Ultimate Compression

  • Improves Mobility and Movement 

  • Can be worn Under or Over clothes

"i do construction and that involves heavy lifting, my lower back was starting to hurt and had a pain that would affect my leg. This back brace gave me that extra support i needed"

Want a compression back brace to offer maximum support and reduce lower back pain while working, gym, driving , sitting down or just doing everyday errands?Want a back brace that can be worn under clothes and not be visible while offering maximum support? 

Comfyorthopedic Compression Back Support Brace is made for that. Our brace distributes the weight load away from your muscles and back, allowing you to get through the day pain and stress free!A back brace for lower back pain relief. Made from premium quality material that is breathable even during summer. Experience Adjuvant therapy from 21 Magnets that ease the pain off your back. Equipped with 5 internal elastic support bars that removes pressure off the back and one semi-elastic bar for spinal support.


Who Needs This Lower Back Compression Back Brace Support?

how Heated Decompression Back Belt & Portable Lumbar Traction Device with Heating Pad works to relieve pain and pressure off the back discs

This Back Brace is Perfect for:

  • Sciatica pain

  • Lumbar Herniated Disc

  • Degenerative Disc Disease

  • Spondylolisthesis

  • Spinal Stenosis

  • Pinched Nerves

  • Lower Lumbar Back Pain

Reduce your Lower Back Pain and Discomfort from sciatica pain and pinched nerve pain and move freely and with more confidence and improve your lifestyle. Experience a Natural Pain Relief Solution to Your Pain without having to rely on Pills and addictive Medications that provide temporary fix. A compression back brace will give you maximum amount of pressure needed in your lower back to reduce the discomfort.

Superior Back Support

Enjoy maximum benefits of maximum back support that offer maximum comfort and stabilization. Feel better and Achieve more.


Most practitioners overcharge you to make profit. Our mission is to ensure you have the best product at an affordable price.

Drug Free Pain Solution

Experience a drug free solution to relieving your pain. Live better without relying on over the counter or prescription drugs.

Premium Quality

All our products are FDA Cleared- Category 1. Only the best quality products made to relieve pain, discomfort & pressure off your body.

Get Your Lumbar Back Brace Support Now!

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What injuries or conditions does this back brace treat?

Lower compression brace to help treat sciatica and pinched nerves in your back caused by spinal conditions such as degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and spondylolisthesis.

Can i wear this while doing physical activities and my regular day activities?

Yes, its actually recommended to wear it in your daily activities to offer the much needed support and reduce the lower back pain

Can I wash the brace?

Yes, hand wash the belt in warm water with mild soap. Do not bleach. Lay flat to air-dry. Avoid high temperatures to wash or dry

Can I wear it with my clothes?

Yes, it is possible to wear it under or over your clothes 

Do i measure my abdomen or waist for perfect size?

Measure your abdomen midsection area since that's where the brace will be applied to offer the support

Features of Lower Back Brace Support

  •  Elastic / Breathable Material can be worn in Summer too.

  • Velcro adjustment system on Two adjustable straps

  • Extra Back & Spinal Support from Support Bars

  • 21 Magnets that Reduce Lower Back Pain

  • Breathable Cool Mesh Fabric 

  • Pocket Holder for Phone, Medicine & Keys

  •  Lightweight and superior fit  

Experience the Best Lower Back Support You Need Today.

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