Are memory foam pillows better

Memory Foam Cervical Pillows

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Retains Contours & Relief From Pressure Points

Memory foam conforms to your individual shape. Responding to your weight and body heat, memory foam softens and contours to the lines of your head, neck, and shoulders. It also distributes weight evenly across its surface. 

This is important since it assists in keeping your spine aligned. Regular pillows tend to tilt your head in an incline.

The pillow also provides relief for pressure points that cause pain by distributing the weight and contouring to your head just as a memory foam mattress distributes the weight of your body.

These qualities make it a popular choice for people with head and neck pain, or pressure points that cause discomfort during sleep.   

Spine Alignment

 It is a really good material for a cervical pillow as it adapts to the body without creating tension and resistance towards the neck.  Conforming to the dimensions and the weight of the body the memory foam pillows favor the maintenance of a correct and natural position producing remarkable benefits at the muscular and cervical level. In fact, this new technology is designed for the treatment of disorders affecting these form which are highly disabling for those affected.This makes it the best option as a memory foam pillow for cervical spondylosis and other disorders.

A research by University of Rochester Medical Center showed that muscles and ligaments should be relaxed while you sleep so they can heal. The right pillow that keeps your neck aligned with your chest and lower back prevents muscle strains while you sleep. Also memory foam cervical pillow help in alignment preventing pressure on the nerves and promoted blood flow.

Breathable Memory Foam Material

An advantage of this material is that it is very durable and has fairly low prices while compared to other materials (such as latex) it is breathable and doesn't retains  too much heat. Also,the best models have a honeycombed structure and air chambers  that protects the cushion from humidity and ensures air circulation. 

This is important for promoting air flow that will keep the cervical pillow cool while you sleep.

Hypo-allergenic Memory foam Cervical Pillow

A further advantage produced by these special cushions is the use of washable synthetic materials that prevent the nesting of mites and bacteria responsible for annoying allergies as opposed to what happened with the old goose down headrests that could hardly be sanitized deeply.  Certainly if you’re someone who deals with allergies, or you simply have an allergen phobia, owning a memory foam pillow will help you sleep more soundly.

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May Prevent Snoring

Most non memory foam pillows force your head to tilt upwards and closes off the air passages. The result is snoring. When your head remains aligned with your neck and spine with a memory foam pillow, these passages will remain open and often remedies snoring.