Hyperextension Adjustable ROM & Flexion Knee Immobilizer Brace (L1833)


Super lightweight (1.7LB) Hyperextension Knee Brace is designed to fully immobilize, support and control your knee's Range of Motion (ROM).

Built with:

- Extension Limitation from -10° to 30°

-Flexion Limitation from -10° to 120° 

-Lock on -10°, 0°, 10°, 20°, 30°

-10 Adjustable Extension Positions (0°, 90°). 

This ensures you get the best Post - Operative Knee Rehabilitation support needed and knee immobilization needed.

 No extra tools needed for adjustment and fits both left and right leg.


  • Universal size -fits up to 32" thigh circumference measured 6" from patella

  • Length: 21"-28.5"



  • Offers Protected & controlled Range-of-Motion(ROM)

  • Effectively offers Knee Immobilization

  • Perfect Post - Op Rehab Knee Support & offers needed knee Comfort

  • Helps reduce knee Pain/ inflammation

  • Helps control and limit knee flexion and extension

  • Improves Your Mobility and Movement 

Who Needs This Knee Brace Support?


"that's the kind of knee support I needed"

"The brace is precisely what I needed to limit the mobility of my knee. Recovered so well after my surgery with the help of this brace!

This Knee Brace is Perfect for:

  • Post Op Knee Immobilization

  •  ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL repairs/injuries

  • Range of Motion Control for Stabilization

  • Meniscal repairs & Tibial plateau fractures

  • Patella tendon repairs ,Osteochondral repairs & Condylar fractures 
  • Sprains/strains of the knee, HTOs (High Tibial Osteotomy)


Will this help with my Range of Motion

Yes definitely it will. it comes with 12 flexion stops for ROM angle to maximize the benefits you get

Does this come with Instructions to use ?

Yes, However we strongly encourage you to visit your medical practitioner or health care provider who will adjust it to SUIT you medical needs to maximize the effectiveness of the brace. The instructions are broad and might not apply to your current need. 

Can I wear it with my jeans?

Yes, it is possible to wear it with your jeans or even on bare skin. Designed with Anti-slip silicon that ensures it stays in place

I have big thighs, can i this fit ?

Yes, the Knee brace is designed to fit the largest thigh circumference up to 32" with the adjustable straps.

How do you lock the brace in place?

The brace chucks come with lock hooks both for the length extension and flexion extension

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